Michael Scott
British Wildlife 26.1 October 2014

Reserve focus: Knockan Crag NNR

Situated in the scenic splendour of the northwest Highlands of Scotland, Knockan Crag is one of the relatively few National Nature Reserves (NNRs) in Britain whose focus is primarily geological, although its intriguing combination of rocks also supports a rich flora and varied wildlife. It was the site of major geological controversy in the late 19th century, and resolution of this controversy led to greater understanding of the physical processes that shaped our planet. Today, it lies within the North West Highlands Geopark, established with the support of UNESCO, and is the hub of a network of 14 sites in the ‘Rock Route’, designed to offer visitors a greater understanding of the remarkable geological history of this part of Scotland. Grid Reference NC 203097. 

Knockan Crag NNR is situated north of Ullapool at the boundary between Wester Ross and Sutherland, amid a spectacular landscape of rugged mountains set in a hummocky, glaciated terrain broken by frequent pools and small lakes, known as lochans. 

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