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Articles and letters on the subjects of natural history, conservation and related policy are welcome, provided that the material is not being wholly offered to, and has not appeared in, other media, magazines or journals. We welcome submissions to the magazine and would be delighted to hear from potential authors and contributors.


British Wildlife readers constitute a broad mix of wildlife and conservation professionals, semi-professionals, enthusiastic amateurs, academics and students. Many read British Wildlife for enjoyment as well as part of their career. It is therefore important that articles are able to hold the interest of the reader, have a clear structure, are jargon-free and not weighed down by statistical methodology. It helps if something of the enthusiasm of the writer for their subject can come through without compromising the information being conveyed. The best approach is to read through a few articles in back issues to get a feel for the level of writing. British Wildlife is not a refereed scientific journal, although we will consult on the content of articles from time to time. Please send your submissions to


We welcome letters on any aspect of the magazine, including general feedback, discussion of content, and any other topics of interest. Please send your letter to the editor, either by email (, or by post:
Guy Freeman, Editor
British Wildlife,
1-6 The Stables,
Ford Road,
We receive more letters than we can publish, but all letters will be responded to, and considered for inclusion. We look forward to hearing from you.

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