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If you have a question that’s not covered here, please get in touch by phone (01803 467166) or email ( Our subscription team will be happy to help.


How many issues are published each year?

British Wildlife is published eight times per year (in October, November, December, February, April, May, June and August). Each issue will be delivered, or made available on the British Wildlife website, around the middle of the month in which it is published.

When will payment for my subscription be taken?

Subscriptions paid for by either credit/debit card or direct debit will renew automatically unless you choose to cancel, with payment taken annually on the date that payment was first made (credit/debit card) or in the publication month of the first issue of your subscription (direct debit). Notification of any changes to subscription rates will be printed on the cover sheet of the last issue of your current subscription for print subscribers, and sent by email to digital subscribers.

How do I renew my subscription?

If you pay by direct debit or have subscribed through the British Wildlife your subscription will renew automatically. If you have paid for a single year by cheque or credit/debit card, however, it will not renew automatically and you will be required to renew each year if you wish to continue receiving the magazine. A subscription renewal form will be enclosed with the final issue of your subscription.

How can I change my address?

You can provide us with your new address details by contacting our subscriptions team by phone (01803 467166) or email ( or, if you have an account on the British Wildlife website, through the my account page.

How do I order a binder or index?

If you wish to purchase a binder or index for older volumes, please email or phone our subscriptions department to check availability. For current volumes, you can upgrade your print subscription to receive a binder and index at the end of each volume (delivered with the October issue) – see here for more details.

Can I purchase back copies?

Print versions of back copies, where available, are available to purchase for £6.50 through the NHBS website (please note, some older issues are no out of print). Access to digital versions of individual back issues for a one-year period is available to purchase for £4.50 through the British Wildlife website – visit the page of the issue you are interested in to place an order. Access to digital versions of individual articles for a one-year period is also available to purchase for £0.99 through the British Wildlife website.

I have extra/unwanted copies of the magazine, what should I do with them?

We are unable to buy back copies of the magazine, but we encourage you to pass them on to fellow wildlife enthusiasts. Alternatively, it may be worth contacting a local library/conservation organisation to ask if they would be interested in receiving your back issues.

Why can’t I find my account/subscription on the website?

Data for existing subscribers have not been imported to the new British Wildlife website, so you will not have an account there unless you have created one yourself. If you create an account and would like the details of your existing subscription added to it so you can manage your preferences, please get in touch with our subscriptions team.

Questions about my print subscription

When will I receive my first issue?

New issues are published in October, November, December, February, April, May, June and August. After you have subscribed, you will begin receiving the magazine from the next available issue onwards.

Can I backdate my subscription to an earlier issue?

It may be possible to backdate your subscription to start with an issue published within the last year, depending on availability of back issues. Please contact our subscriptions team on 01803 467166 or for further assistance.

How do I cancel my subscription?

Cancellations are accepted mid-subscription. We cannot refund the balance of the subscription, but you will continue to receive new issues of the magazine until the subscription has lapsed (please let us know if you would like to receive no further issues).

Do print subscriptions include access to articles/issues online?

Print subscriptions are separate to digital subscriptions, and do not include access to any British Wildlife content online. However, it is possible to upgrade your print subscription to add digital access – see the question below.

Can I add digital access to my print subscription

Yes – if you had an active print subscription at the time digital subscriptions were launched, in March 2023, and are interested in adding digital access, please get in touch through 01803 467166 or Using a combination of name, email address, postcode and/subscriber number we will identify your subscription and work out the fee for adding digital for the remainder of your subscription period.

If you have recently taken out a print subscription and now want to add digital access, visit the upgrade/downgrade page through the ‘My account’ area of the website to change your preferences.

Can I change my subscription from print to digital?

Yes – please get in touch through 01803 467166 or and we will help change your subscription, or, if you have an account on the British Wildlife website, go to the upgrade/downgrade page to change your subscription type. Unfortunately we are unable to refund the difference for the remainder of your subscription period, but your account will be updated to renew at the lower rate for digital when your subscription is next due for renewal.

Questions about my digital subscription

How can I access digital editions of British Wildlife?

Once you have signed up for a digital subscription, you can access British Wildlife content while logged into your account on the British Wildlife website.

Can I access content offline?

Currently content will only be accessible while you have an internet connection and are logged in to the British Wildlife website. Offline access to British Wildlife content is something we hope to be able to offer in future.

How long is the subscription period?

Digital subscriptions run for one year from the time that your order is processed. During that period you will have access to new issues of British Wildlife as they are published, as well as the entire back catalogue of issues going back to 1989.

When will I receive access to new issues online?

Digital editions of new issues of British Wildlife will be published at the same time as the print editions, usually in the middle of the month in which they are published. Subscribers will be notified via email when a new issue is available.

Can I buy individual articles or issues?

If you are not a subscriber you can purchase access, for a one-year period, to individual articles (£0.99) or issues (£4.50) through the British Wildlife website – click the ‘buy this article/issue’ button on the relevant article/issue page to place your order. Any purchased items will be listed under the ‘my articles/issues’ section on your ‘my account’ page.

If you subscribe to British Wildlife there is no need to buy single articles/issues as access to all previous volumes is included with your subscription.

Do I need to renew to keep access to online content?

Digital subscriptions to British Wildlife will autorenew, so unless there is a problem processing your annual payment you do not need to do anything to continuing receiving access to content. We will notify you by email in the month before taking your annual subscription payment, in case you no longer wish to continue your subscription. If you do not want your subscription to autorenew, you can change your settings in the ‘My subscriptions’ area of your account page.

What happens if I cancel my subscription?

Subscribers can cancel their subscription at any point. Once you cancel you will continue to have access to all online content until the end of your subscription period, after which all access will be removed – it is not possible to save content you have accessed while your subscription was active.

How do I cancel or change my subscription details?

You can cancel your subscription and change your address or billing details through the ‘my account’ page on the British Wildlife website, or get in touch with our subscriptions team by phone (01803 467166) or email (

Are digital subscriptions available for international subscribers?

Yes, and as going digital removes the costs associated with mailing overseas there is no difference between rates for UK and international digital subscriptions, unlike for the print edition of the magazine.

Are digital subscriptions available for institutions?

Unfortunately we are unable to offer digital subscriptions to institutions, and so libraries, consultancies, universities or eNGOs will need to purchase individual digital subscriptions for each person who would like access to British Wildlife content online. However, we may be able to offer reduced rates to organisations/agencies wishing to purchase bulk orders of digital subscriptions for multiple employees, with greater discounts the higher the number of users. If this might be of interest, please contact or 01803 467166 to request a quote.

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