British Wildlife 28.1 October 2016

The Northern Pool Frog

This is a story of how a British species slipped through our hands just as we were discovering its importance. But it is also one of hope as the research and activity that this has engendered have been impressive.

Until very close to the end of the 20th century, the Common Frog Rana temporaria was considered the only frog species to have naturally populated Britain. In terms of native frogs, north-western Europe can claim a single species of 'tree frog', the Common Tree Frog Hyla arborea; two 'water frogs' in the form of the Pool Frog Pelophylax lessonae and the Edible Frog P. kl. esculentus; and three 'brown frods', namely the Common Frog, Moor Frog R. arvalis and Agile Frog R. dalmatina.

Through a naturalist's eyes
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