British Wildlife 29.2 December 2017

The Asian Yellow-legged Hornet: the implacable advance of a bee-killer

The Asian Yellow-legged Hornet can devastate honeybee colonies, and its arrival in Europe has been the cause of great concern among beekeepers. The species is now common in parts of France and Spain, and with recent records in the UK, it appears to be on the brink of colonising our country. Karine Monceau and Denis Thiéry describe the impact that the hornet has had in its introduced range, and outline what, if anything, can be done to halt the invasion.

The Asian Yellow-legged Hornet Vespa velutina, known also as the Asian Hornet, is among the most harmful of all the invasive species listed by the European Union. A relatively recent arrival from China, it is of concern chiefly because of its likely impact on the European Honeybee Apis mellifera.

Through a naturalist’s eyes
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