British Wildlife 29.4 April 2018

Reserve Focus: Mounts Bay MCZ

Mounts Bay, in Cornwall, supports an exceptional diversity of marine life. In 2016, part of the bay was designated as a Marine Conservation Zone owing to the variety of habitats present and the presence of a number of notable species. It remains to be seen whether this protected status will be sufficient to conserve the area’s wildlife, but, nevertheless, the MCZ is a fascinating place for the rockpool enthusiast to explore. Guy Freeman provides an introduction to the area and its wildlife.

When a low spring tide coincides with a still, sunny day, Mounts Bay, in far west Cornwall, is a special place to be. The receding waters reveal vast, grey sandflats interrupted by scattered, rocky reefs, among which myriad pools glint in the light – a treasure trove of colourful seaweeds and unusual animal life.

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