Steve Aylward
British Wildlife 30.3 February 2019

What can reserves deliver for conservation in lowland cultural landscapes? A case study of Bradfield Woods NNR

Nature conservation in the UK has traditionally focused on the designation and management of reserves for the protection of particular species or communities. Some have, however, questioned whether this method remains appropriate, or whether we should instead look to new, more dynamic approaches such as rewilding. Using Bradfield Woods NNR (Suffolk) as an example, Rob Fuller, Dorothy Casey and Simone Bullion demonstrate the continued relevance of ‘traditional’ reserves, and explain why they must form an integral part of our future conservation strategy.

As nature conservation gathered pace during the 20th century, the numbers of protected sites grew. The creating of nature reserves and the establishing of Sites of Special Scientific Interest (SSSIs) were vital in trying to stem the massive losses of special places

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