Dick Newell
British Wildlife 34.8 August 2023

Are nest boxes for Swifts a good idea?

Swifts have experienced dramatic declines – in Britain numbers have fallen by 60% between 1994 and 2019 – and the loss of nest sites in our urban areas is a significant factor. The installation of nest boxes is an effective yet simple way to mitigate these losses, and Dick Newell and John Willis describe the different types of nest boxes available and how these can be used to improve the fortunes of the Swift in Britain.

The Common Swift Apus apus (hereafter referred to simply as Swift) is a much-loved species of our towns and villages. Few birds can put a smile on peoples’ faces like a gang of Swifts does, screaming around the rooftops with exceptional aerial prowess on a balmy summer evening. These are the ultimate flying machines.

Naturally opinionated Flying kites – a view from Wales
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